Farmers' stir will spread across country, Rahul warns PM

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/30/2021 4:03:13 PM

NEW DELHI, Jan 29: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday asked the Prime Minister to immediately withdraw the contentious farm laws before the farmers' agitation spreads across the country.
All three laws enacted with haste in September should be put in the waste bin and the Prime Minister should talk to the farmers agitating on Delhi's borders for over two months to resolve the issues instead of trying to discredit them, he told a Press conference at the AICC headquarters.
He said while one of the laws is to destroy the Mandi system on which dependent is the food grain distribution through ration shops while another law will help four, five or six persons to hoard as much as they want while the farmers would not be able to stand against these money bags.
Rahul said the three laws involve the biggest transfer of wealth in India from the largest number to a small few and that is root cause of the farmers' anger as they do not want to lose all that they have, with one law preventing them from even going to court for the redressal.
He said the farmers of Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have understood to effect of the farm laws while the farmers of rest of India are still not clear about them. He said the government should act fast before the farmers' revolt across the country.
Rahul also warned that this movement will go from the farmers to the cities because the employment of lakhs has been snatched away. He said the Prime Minister will have to listen to the agitating farmers unless he wants to plunge the country into a chaos.
He also told the farmers not to retract or budge even an inch, but fight for their future, assuring them that "we will help you fully."
Asked about a group of farmers, mixed with miscreants, climbing up the Red Fort on the Republic Day, Rahul shot back: "Why were they allowed entry in Red Fort? Who is responsible?" He said it was clearly a BJP strategy to discredit the peaceful agitation of the farmers.
In reply to another question, he said the Prime Minister is weakening India by attacking the farmers. The government claims it is helping the farmers, but why do it when the farmers don't want it, he asked.



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